Cosmic Consulting for the Conscious Woman

Astrology & Human Design for when you believe life is happening for you, not to you.

When you believe you are capable of changing, growing, and evolving. 

When you know pass your tests and lessons, you uplevel faster.

You leap quicker. You go further. You Evolve.

How do you pass them? When you know what’s being asked of you and what you have working for you.

That is Astrology & Human Design.

The energy you’re made to carry,

and the energy working with you in your life.

𓄂𓆃 Readings & Courses designed to help you Rise.

Available Products

How to Read a Birth Chart

"This course is so incredible and so rich....I hope you jack the price WAY up girl, because this is solid gold" - Dana W.

This course teaches you the basics of Astrology, so that you can read and interpret any birth chart. Follow the 10 step professional method to do next level readings for yourself and others.  

👉 7 beginner friendly lessons 

👉 7 pdf note downloads

👉 Comment section for Questions

This step by step training can be applied to any birth chart. 

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